A Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Rehab with a Record of Success

Over the decades, those looking for alcohol rehab, or drug rehab, found the care they needed here. Back in the 70’s, alcoholism and drug dependency was still very “anonymous” and, so, it was only by word of mouth that the little treatment center in Studio City began to gain its amazing reputation for success.

Today, addiction is a well-known disease, and epidemic, constantly featured on news casts and from which no one of any economic level or from any walk of life is immune. Today, many medical schools now have specialized tracts for those interested in entering addiction treatment. There are many new cognitive therapies that have been developed and addiction is recognized as usually being accompanied by a co-occurring disorder, typically some form of physical or emotional trauma. We know far more today about the causes and the impact of addiction on the brain as well as the body. As addiction has changed, and addiction treatment, so have we.

Drug Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive treatment for drug rehabilitation. If you’ve become dependant on one or a combination of drugs we can help. This hard-fought battle ahead doesn’t have to be embarked on alone.

Our Drug Rehab

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Recovery Guild can also provide alcohol rehabilitation. If you have a problem with drinking that has turned out of control, then we can help. We’ll help you detox & abstain from use, opening up new doors to your life.

Our Alcohol Rehab

Treatment Programs

We offer a range of effective treatment programs specifically customized around each individuals' unique needs. This advanced approach greatly improves upon the typical one-size-fits-all programs and maximizes your chances of recovery.

Our Programs

Counseling & Therapy

Recovery Guild offers services in Counseling & Therapy. We’ve worked with a vast array of clients from diverse backgrounds & have the highest success rate in our community. We work to fix your problem from the inside out so that you can move on with your life.

Our Therapy

Treatment Center

Since 1975 our intimate treatment environment has helped countless people break their addictions and find recovery. This has been aided by the fact that we only take on up to 12 patients at any given time to ensure the highest quality care.

Our Center

Southern California Rehab

Recovery Guild specializes in high-quality addiction rehabilitation in Southern California. We offer full service substance abuse disorder treatment programs with a variety of “tracks” in place to provide comprehensive and concentrated treatment.

Our Rehab in CA

At Recovery Guild, We Just Keep Getting Better

Along with our newly rebuilt drug rehab center we also rebuilt our staff. Our clinical team is second to none and we are always on the lookout for new modalities and therapies that will make our program better, more comfortable, more effective.

We often bring in specialists on an “as needed” basis, because we build each treatment program around each individual’s needs. So, when we have someone with a more challenging mental health issue as a root cause of their addiction, we’ll bring in the specialized treatment team members to address it. Recovery Guild is a small, highly individualized treatment center with only 12 beds. Each person who comes here gets highly focused attention and care. We also work closely with families to help insure better outcomes and to make sure that treatment continues to be successful after their loved one returns home.

We will also help case managed continued care when advisable. At Recovery Guild, we do whatever it takes to help those who come here successfully rebuild their lives.

We Provide All Levels of Care: Detox, Residential, PHP & IOP

Once you’ve walked through our doors you’ll already start to feel better. Contact Recovery Guild today and we’ll provide you with an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your experience and assess your needs. Together we’ll determine the best way to treat your substance use disorder.

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