A Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Rehab with a Record of Success

Over the decades, those looking for alcohol rehab, or drug rehab, found the care they needed here. Back in the 70’s, alcoholism and drug dependency was still very “anonymous” and, so, it was only by word of mouth that the little treatment center in Studio City began to gain its amazing reputation for success.

Today, addiction is a well-known disease, and epidemic, constantly featured on news casts and from which no one of any economic level or from any walk of life is immune. Today, many medical schools now have specialized tracts for those interested in entering addiction treatment. There are many new cognitive therapies that have been developed and addiction is recognized as usually being accompanied by a co-occurring disorder, typically some form of physical or emotional trauma. We know far more today about the causes and the impact of addiction on the brain as well as the body. As addiction has changed, and addiction treatment, so have we.

Drug Rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive treatment for drug rehabilitation. If you’ve become dependant on one or a combination of drugs we can help. This hard-fought battle ahead doesn’t have to be embarked on alone.

Drug Rehab

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Recovery Guild can also provide alcohol rehabilitation. If you have a problem with drinking that has turned out of control, then we can help. We’ll help you detox & abstain from use, opening up new doors to your life.

Alcohol Rehab


Medication Assisted Treatment (also known as “MAT”) combines behavioral therapy & professionally prescribed & monitored medication to treat substance abuse disorders. You don’t have to go down this route alone.

MAT Service

Counseling & Therapy

Recovery Guild offers services in Counseling & Therapy. We’ve worked with a vast array of clients from diverse backgrounds & have the highest success rate in our community. We work to fix your problem from the inside out so that you can move on with your life.

Therapy Service

Emergency Rehabilitation

We provide emergency drug & alcohol rehabilitation. No matter what the scenario, no matter what the time or day, we can give you the support that you need. We’ll determine the best treatment plan for you. If it’s life or death, there’s no better resource than Recovery Guild.

Emergency Rehab

Southern California Rehab

Recovery Guild specializes in high-quality addiction rehabilitation in Southern California. We offer full service substance abuse disorder treatment programs with a variety of “tracks” in place to provide comprehensive & concentrated treatment.

Rehab in CA

At Recovery Guild, We Just Keep Getting Better

Along with our newly rebuilt drug rehab center we also rebuilt our staff. Our clinical team is second to none and we are always on the lookout for new modalities and therapies that will make our program better, more comfortable, more effective.

We often bring in specialists on an “as needed” basis, because we build each treatment program around each individual’s needs. So, when we have someone with a more challenging mental health issue as a root cause of their addiction, we’ll bring in the specialized treatment team members to address it. Recovery Guild is a small, highly individualized treatment center with only 12 beds. Each person who comes here gets highly focused attention and care. We also work closely with families to help insure better outcomes and to make sure that treatment continues to be successful after their loved one returns home.

We will also help case managed continued care when advisable. At Recovery Guild, we do whatever it takes to help those who come here successfully rebuild their lives.

The Future is Bright

Once you’ve walked through our doors you’ll already start to feel better. Contact Recovery Guild today and we’ll provide you with an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your experience and assess your needs. Together we’ll determine the best way to treat your substance use disorder.

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  • Johnny Silva
    Case Manager

    Biography Coming Soon

  • Samantha Palmatier
    Case Manager

    Biography Coming Soon

  • Dave Mercer
    Overnight Tech RADT-1

    Dave has a big responsibility. He’s in charge with insuring the safety and security of our clients and our facilities throughout the overnight shift. Dave has worked in several different levels of treatment around Southern California, and enjoys watching addicts grow and giving back some of what he has learned through his 15 years of experience. Dave is now a strong proponent of Medication Assisted Treatment, and fully believes in compassionate detox. Having lived life on both sides, Dave knows how important it is to give newly sober addicts a real chance at recovery.

  • Christopher Stuckey
    Case Manager

    Biography Coming Soon

  • Allison Buckles-Hennessey
    Recovery Tech – Gardener

    As a member of the recovery world herself, this will be the second garden Alison will be tending at a recovery facility. First and foremost, Alison is an artist, an organic farmer and an insatiable autodidact with a quirky sense of humor. As an art conservator, she has been endlessly fascinated and moved by beautiful objects that have been broken or discarded and feels a kinship with those that may feel broken or discarded. Alison loves mending beautiful things that have been broken and nurturing people in need.

  • Wayne Kahn
    Counselor and Case Manager

    State certified since 1999, Wayne has worked in the drug and alcohol field for many years. Wayne’s experience has taken him from County funded centers to some of the finer facilities in Malibu. What Wayne has learned through the years is that everyone is a unique individual and some just need help finding a path of living that is supportive of becoming a productive member of society. Wayne has worked with many different populations in many different types of programs, and with that experience, he has learned to meet individuals where they are at and assist them in finding that path whatever that path may be.

  • Michael Chase
    Director of HR

    A Los Angeles native, Michael Chase attended Notre Dame high school in Sherman Oaks. His passions include sports, his dog and connecting individuals to programs that help strengthen their personal growth. As part of the community at Recovery Guild, Michael helps our clients to thrive by creating an environment where both physical and emotional well-being are learned and supported. Along with his HR and physical recovery program duties at Recovery Guild, Michael continues his studies in the Addiction Counseling Program at UCLA. In his free time he enjoys laying out in the park with his pup Wink.

  • Azeen Nafisi, M.A.
    Program Coordinator

    Azeen has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from CSUN and has had experience working with diverse populations throughout my career, including homeless and underserved communities with mental health diagnoses. She loves Netflix binging and killing it at Candy Crush. She can’t wait to meet each and everyone of you, and hopes she has as big of an impact on you as she knows you will have on her.

  • Michelle Grunstein
    Primary Therapist

    Michelle is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who specializes in addiction, recovery, and dual diagnoses. She utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to help clients understand the connection between addiction and other underlying mental health issues that may be contributing to their substance use. Michelle provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to gain insight and work through the circumstances that have brought them to treatment. Her goal is to help clients persevere, despite the detrimental effects of addiction and personal struggles, guiding them towards a life of happiness, health, and satisfaction in sobriety. She especially enjoys engaging clients in group therapy sessions, allowing participants to encourage and support one another using their own personal experiences.

    Michelle is a born and bred New Yorker with the “tell it like it is” mentality. She moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago to take advantage of the Golden State and advance her education and career. Michelle has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on MFT from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology at California School of Professional Psychology.

  • Alicia Brandt
    Clinical Director

    Biography Coming Soon

  • Inga Roizman
    Director of Admissions & Client Services

    As an Addictions Counselor, an Admissions Specialist, and a Director of Client Services, Inga Roizman has now brought her passion for helping others with, addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues to Recovery Guild. While a student at UCLA’s counseling certification program, Inga was exposed to many different modalities and approaches, and adds her heart and soul to all interactions with her clients. Inga’s goal for the clients she counsels is to lead them to their selves rather than impose a set of rules for recovery, “There are many ways one can recover.” She believes that therapeutic connection and connection with others is the impetus of long-standing recovery. Inga has a wealth of dynamic experience in the field, and has touched and guided lives at facilities throughout So. California. Inga is deeply gratified to be part of the start-up team at Recovery Guild. She states, “We are doing things differently than any place I’ve worked before, things which will truly and realistically improve the quality of one’s life.” Inga looks forward to meeting our clients and their families, and to beginning this journey together.

  • Dr. Stark
    Medical Director

    Dr. Bruce Stark proudly serves as the Medical Director for the Recovery Guild. He was one of the first doctors ever certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2009. He is also Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as a Member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. He has full hospital privileges at Providence St. Joseph in Burbank. Dr. Bruce Stark is:

    • A Certified Suboxone Prescriber
    • Has Extensive Experience with Suboxone Detox and Maintenance
    • Certified for Prescribing and Inserting Probuphine Implants
    • Utilizes Vivitrol

    His office is right next to Providence St. Joseph with a state of the art laboratory and x-ray machine. He also ensures there is 24/7 medical coverage.

    Dr. Stark knows that there is no cookie-cutter approach to medical treatment. He prides himself on providing personalized services to each resident and becoming their advocate.

    Dr. Bruce Stark was born and raised in Hollywood, California. He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Biology from University of California at Santa Barbara in 1990. He then attended the prestigious University of California at San Francisco for his medical degree. He then trained at the world renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

    Bruce (aka Doc B) and his wife Adrian are raising three daughters. In his free time, he loves to hike, surf, and play music. If you are brave, you can challenge him to a game of 1970s movie trivia.

  • Jon Heller
    Director of Operations

    17+ Years of Alcoholism, Addiction and Mental Health Treatment, Development and Marketing Experience

    Founder and creator of the original SoberRecovery.com, TheTreatmentDirectory.com and over 100 other addiction and mental health support sites, Jon has returned to the clinical side of addiction and now brings his passion and compassion to the Recovery Guild. With experience at almost every level of treatment including Counselor, Program Facilitator, Program Coordinator and Program Manager, Jon has now assumed the role of Director of Operations, and is charged with the day to day management of Recovery Guild that includes everything from staffing and scheduling to marketing and financials. A proponent of Medication Assisted Treatment, Individualized Treatment, and Compassionate Detox, Jon insures that everyone from clients to staff have an experience at Recovery Guild that has life-changing potential.